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Pomposity Thicker Than Harry Knowles' Found Here
In case you couldn't tell, I'm not terribly fond of the self-styled grand old man of Internet movie gossip. I find his manner abrasive and his reportage of poor quality. That and the guy just hawks himself like peanuts at a ballpark.

Me, I'm just here for one big reason--to give you a way to find the stuff that's worth renting at your local video store and what's just garbage that you're going to hate yourself for wasting your time on and not to mention your three bucks or more.

Three bucks or more! Come on! That's like almost a twelve pack of Pepsi! That's a good start toward a pizza. That's a tip at a nice restaurant if you're eating alone. Do you want to waste it on the newest boobs-and-blood shovelreel on Blockbuster's shelves this week?


I didn't think so.

And that, dear reader, is why you're HERE.

The Reel Advice Credo
I have no patience for pentagrams.

Mock-Satanic ritual disgusts me.

If anyone sacrifices anything to anything else, the movie itself will have to go a very long way to convince me it has any worth at all.

I'm patently sick of movies that are like everything else on the shelves. I hate Texas Chainsaw Knockoffs, because frankly, I didn't like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre all that much to begin with.

I hate gore for gore's sake.

I hate the "boobs-and-blood" school of filmmaking that is convinced a bad movie can be covered up by the judicious application of (half-)naked chicks and buckets of red corn syrup.

I take personal offense to the entire careers of Roger Corman, Brett Piper, and the positively vile Charles Band.

I believe that a good plot can make up for poor presentation, but the finest special effects from ILM itself can't make up for a shoddy plot.

I believe that indie films comprise the very best and very worst about moviemaking.

I believe that good marketing can make even an awful film a hundred million bucks.

And this I believe: Things Can Get Better.

Stuff Other People Said About Me
Amber Benson, writer/director/lead actress of Chance, formerly "Tara"
on the television series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer."
Steve Anderson has wit, intelligence and a yen for the zany. It's
nice to know that he's out there giving props to the little films that
otherwise get lost in the shuffle.

Wil Forbis, Editor in Chief, Acid Logic
One part Roger Ebert, another part Mystery Science Theatre 3000,
Steve Anderson's reviews are a must read.

Steve's movie reviews are often better than the movies themselves.
And shorter.

Half the fun of watching Z-grade videos is cutting up the bad acting
and shoddy camera work, which Steve does with aplomb. But he's not
afraid to point out the hidden gems either.

Stefan Avalos, director of "The Last Broadcast" and "Ghosts of Edendale"
Not too long ago while on the internet, I found a Steve Anderson
review - and was hooked. I read review after review - reviews of
movies I would never possibly see, and got turned on to a couple
new ones. The reviews were enough entertainment unto themselves
and free of the all-too-common self indulgence of overly clever
(read obnoxious) writing. As an artist, I am happy with the fact
that he wields kindness more frequently than the sword of cruelty...
though when deserved -- haha watch out. What I most like though as
a DVD COLLECTOR is that Steve critiques the the whole package, not
just the movie.
We could use more of that.
I look forward to the next batch of reviews.

Mike Carbone, Editor in Chief, Reel Horror
Steve Anderson is a film guru. Don't go renting without him!

Without Steve's advice I would be stuck watching reruns of
The Golden Girls.

Steve Anderson's The Reel Advisory is essential whether you are
a hardcore film fanatic or a first time renter!

Steve Anderson watches the crap so you don't have to!

I won't go to the store without The Reel Advisory!

Kathleen Brady, Editor In Chief, Eklektikos
Steve Anderson turns largely unheard of videos into a witty,
intelligent guide for those movies that often deserve more attention
than they have received. His advice is like describing a woman -
there is good, bad, but there is always something funny to say!

Joe Monks, director of "Flowers on the Razorwire, Chance Meeting"
head of Chanting Monks Press and editor-in-chief of Agony in Black
Going to the video store without reading The Reel Advisory is like
*asking* to be handed a copy of "Legally Blonde 2" because a clerk
told you it is Kurasawa-like...and believing it.

--Joe Monks
Chanting Monks Press

The kinds of films covered by Anderson in his work are a welcome
respite from vapid Hollywood blockbusters and contrived star-vehicles.

Joe Monks
Chanting Monks Press

"If only every video store had a guy like this hanging
Eric Campos
Deputy Editor, Film Threat

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